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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flocking Together

I have often lamented my lack of luck where photographing birds are concerned. The only  opportunity I could boast of was the Siberian Seagulls at Green Lake where there were thousands of these seagulls in flight. It would have been impossible not to have captured these birds in flight...they were everywhere!

Going through some holiday photographs recently, I realised that I did have quite a few reasonably good captures of birds...especially of the species that cannot fly or do not fly! Just from my New Zealand holiday itself,  there were these birds I should proudly catalogue under "The ones which did not get away" in my collection entitled "Feathery Friends".  Of course, there are no other categories apart form "The ones which did not get away".

For Poery Potluck on the theme "Nature and Life" :

flocking together
birds of different feathers
nature's pulse of life

These could swim away from me, but I caught them before they dove into the water.

These were enjoying their morning paddle in the pond too much to mind my nosy camera.

This one loved the it came towards me.

This family is lovely, they allowed me to take this photograph even though Papa Duck wasn't around for a full family portrait. I wonder how Papa Duck looks like.

This is my favourite bird...the one that is in the centre of the town...the pukeko that could not run away from me.

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  1. Sweet....precious captures. I too like the statue.


    Have a happy Sunday.

  2. Wonderful shots. Love the black swan.

  3. So cute. Love the penguins. Those yellow and black ducks intrigue me though!

  4. I especially like the black swan.


    Hello, there, I’m your shadow,
    I tag after you;
    Whatever you are doing,
    That is what I do.

    If you should fling a football
    Forty yards or more,
    I’ll be right beside you,
    Evening the score.

    If you should flick a booger
    From your stuffy nose,
    I will surely do the same—
    Watch how far it goes!

    So, friend, be very careful
    What you say and do—
    Whatever you are doing,
    I’ll do just as you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow on Stone

  5. I love matching up photos and poems and these are excellent

  6. You've captured some beauties :-)

  7. Awww, what cute baby chickies. Penguins are so cool!

  8. Mind Blowing photos, well said

  9. Nicely done, I like all of the photos :)

  10. Beautiful! Very enjoyable!

  11. perfect rhyming,

    well penned.
    the images are tickling.

  12. These are great shots ... love each one ... isn't it wonderful when you can capture what you want! Well done!

  13. Guess birds of different feathers needn't always flock apart :) Lovely images too..

  14. i love the piks they look so good.