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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hazy Summer days of Hong Kong - Repulse Bay

For the whole week I was in Hong Kong, the sky was barely visible. There was a thin veil of haze that made me think of the song, Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer. Think of this Nat King Cole song as referring to Hong Kong in a lazy, hazy soda and pretzels and beer but we did feel like singing a song of cheer!

Sky watching  was a totally different sign of clouds, nor sun nor moon!
But it did add a misty, mysterious atmosphere which turned out to be quite beautiful, contrasted with the bright, colourful statues in the Chinese Garden by the bay.

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  1. I love your photographs and I agree, the blank sky is a great backdrop to the statues. Have a great weekend. xoxo.

  2. Love the photos....especially the one of Buddha!!! We have several small statues of him in our home. What a glorious, beautiful countryside for your themesone.

  3. nice shots even without the sunlight.

    My SWF

  4. beautiful shots!

    Hong Kong is magical!!!!

    thanks so much for sharing.

  5. The sky may have been gray, but it did not take away the beauty of the land. I love the laughing buda. And all the photos were fantastic.

  6. So pleased I have found your second blog and of course loved this post :)

  7. thanks so much for following CUT AND DRY.
    following right back!

    have a great day,

  8. it's good to have a break sometimes,
    i'm sure you will have lots of nice shot after this.