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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Siberian Seagulls

The  proudest moment in my newly acquired interest in bird photography occurred when I was at Green Lake in Kunming, China. I had always admired my blogger friends who photographed birds apparently with ease, and obviously with great success, judging from the fantastic close-ups of all kinds of birds in their blogs. In my own garden I could only watch as some mynahs hopped on the ground. Each time I moved in to attempt to point and shoot some photos, they would have flown off at the slightest hint of movement.

I resorted to photographing birds that do not fly...I do not mean roosters and such, I mean yard art birds. However my big break came when I heard about the thousands of migratory seagulls which would be at Green Lake after flying over oceans, land and lakes from Siberia. I am of course referring to the birds; I'm not from Siberia. Surely out of the thousands of birds there, I would be able to capture one or two decent images of birds in flight. There were throngs of  photographers by the lake using the best in bird photography equipment no less. I wasn't the least daunted. Using my Sony Cyber-shot, I clicked deliriously away. Here are some of my favourite captures.

What a delightful day at Green Lake, the day I became a bird photographer.

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Do go over and watch the action there.


  1. Wow wow wow! These shots are amazing!

  2. wow, there are plenty of the them.. so beautiful...

  3. You obviously have a great talent for it too. These shots are stunning.

  4. I have spent so many hours, looking upward, with camera in hand, neck aching, seldom rewarded. You have some marvelous pictures here. Congratulations!!

    Mine is at:

  5. @ ladyfi - Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    @ Vernz - They were everywhere! Literally thousands of them.

    @ Shelley Munro- Thanks for the encouraging comments.

    @ RNSANE - Thanks. Guess we have to seek them out where they congregate, that's the trick.

    @ chubskulit - Thanks.

  6. elegant, love your blog style very much.

    share your talent with us today,

    check out poetry potluck week 28, hope to see you in.

    bless your talent,

    you rock.