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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ports of Call - # 2 - Lovely Langkawi

Langkawi Island is located off the North Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. What is special about Langkawi is that it comprises 99 islands. It is well-known as the archipelago of 99 tropical islands, out of which, only four are inhabited!

Langkawi has been given a World Geopark status by UNESCO. The island's oldest mountain, Gunung Matchinchang emerged from the seabed in the Cambrian period. This area is a conservation area today. There is also a karst geopark and a geoforest park.

Of course, not everyone goes to Langkawi to see the geological wonders. You go for the sun, sea and beauty of the beaches.

The port where our ship docked is just lovely...the water so clean, the island so inviting with her verdant greenery. It was like landing on Fantasy Island, just a perfect Scenic Sunday on the shores of a tropical Malaysian island paradise.

Unbelievably peaceful tropical  island scenery. I just love the palm trees swaying in the breeze.
The noon sun cast a 12 o'clock shadow below the trees...a perfect shadow shot.

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  1. I'm heading for a similar paradise soon. Thank you for whetting my appetite even more!

    (With apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

    I had a little shadow
    No bigger than my thumb;
    I took him to the meadow
    And there I gave him rum.

    My drunken little shadow
    Did weave and bob and pitch;
    He stumbled from the meadow
    And fell into a ditch!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Schoolyard Shadows

  2. Beautiful shadows, looks like a paradise!

    My shadow shots, please come and see. Thanks!

  3. Lovely set of pictures... The first one is quite impressive : this boat is so huge ! But my favourite is the one with the fourth one, with the little boat. So charming, so exotic... I love it.