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Thursday, March 31, 2011

On an Evening in Roma

The perfect song to sing along to as I watch this video I made of my day in Rome.
Hope you enjoy seeing the sights as much as I did!

Don't know what the country's coming to
But in Rome do as the Romans do
Will you on an evening in Roma

Thursday Theme Song


  1. Wow this is wonderful. You did well my friend. :) Very well done . Thanks for the tour.

  2. Oh my goodness...I'm speechless! Beautiful.

  3. Wonderful! I love this, it's like taking a tour of Rome with Dean Martin.

  4. @ Mama Zen and Thom - Thank you. Thought a music video would be fun.

    @ Hootin' Anni - Thanks. Glad you liked it. Love the meme.


  5. My bro went there, and he said it was incredibly big.

  6. @ Squirrel Queen - Glad I chose Dean Martin's version. Was debating whether Patrizio Buane's version would set the mood better. Anyway, I love both.

    @ Ann - We walked to all these places you saw in the video the entire day, map in hand .What a journey of discovery to see for ourselves the famous landmarks of Rome.


  7. I am the ultimate Dean Martin fan, so this is perfect. We've just left Paris, then spent a night in Saint-Malo in Brittany, and are now in Bordeaux for a night on our way to the south of France for a week, but I think our next European trip will have to be Italy.
    -- Kay, Alberta, Canada