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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My World Is...where I find wondrous beginnings.

My world is a wide, wide world
wherever I go, whatever I behold
there's where my world is
calling to me
belonging to me
enriching me beyond treasures!

My neighbours are all one
sharing this village
we call our world
sharing that one thread 
that links all minds
a universal consciousness...

Shakespeare knew what I mean.
We may be from all over the world, but our love for nature brings us together.

And we may roam the world, looking for differences in our culture, in our customs, in our way of life...and what do we find? That we are similar in everything that our humanity, our joys and sorrows, our love for family and friends, our moral values and even our vices!

This is a Buddhist Temple in Auckland! I like the sentiments expressed in the exhibit. Do read it.

We go in search of fascination
of the beauty of mountains and rivers and springs
we find instead, with fascination,
in the people we meet-the beauty within...

This poem is dedicated to My World Tuesday and Signs

MWT Black


  1. Wonderful mosiacs, especially the Buddish Temple,such tranquillity! Yvette x

  2. I also like the Buddhish Temple and I also love to travel and see the world !