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Friday, March 11, 2011

I shot my sunset scenes at last!

I finally did it - I shot my sunset scene! I had always admired the skywatch images of the evening sky, and now I have one, no, two of my own.These were actually unplanned. We arrived at this fabulous resort in Kunming in the evening, and I got a pre-sunset,  almost-sunset , and burning-sunset shot! The resort faces the waterfront of a lake, not just any lake, but a man-made lake. You'd think they have enough natural lakes in China to fill an ocean! However, for the beautification of the location, and probably more for the sake of good Feng-Shui, there was this placid lake, perfect for more mirror-image shots.


Almost sunset.....

The real deal!!!

I was so thrilled...

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  1. Beautiful sunset through silhouette of trees,
    normally it will be more reddish after the sun sets.

  2. Oh wow it pays to wait really. I so love the transition of the sky. Love it!

  3. Great views. And a perfect reason to just sit and wait... patiently (with camera to eye!)

  4. Very nice set of pictures ! I just love the shape of the trees : the effect on the reflection water is really interesting, so différent of what i usually see in europe...

    For the sunset, it is easy to understand why you were so thrilled, just by looking at the pictures... ;)