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Friday, March 11, 2011

Animal Encounters in Yunnan, China

What tales do these four-legged ones have to tell? Only heaven knows.

The un-yakkity yak above is my contribution for SOOC. The picture is perfectly clear, and only needed cropping.  I wanted the expression on its face to catch the viewer's attention, so I cropped the body away. Look at the intensity of that one eye's focus! Or is it just day-dreaming?

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  1. I think he is daydreaming... doesn't look to fierce (at the moment)
    I'm intrigued by the second shot and the harness and yoke thing!

  2. @ VioletSky - Yeah, he's probably thinking of when he can get off work and have a cup of coffee! ;-)

  3. What beautiful shots! Love the long haired cow.

  4. I really like the shaggy animals. The yak? I think the yak is daydreaming. :)

  5. Great first shot. All of them are very interesting.

  6. This is a great series of animal shots! I always take pictures of dogs on trips, too...:)

    Imagination Lane

  7. Wonderful series of critters photos. Awesome shot of the Yak!

  8. @ Iowa Gardening Woman - Thank you, it is a pleasure to share my photos.

    @ ladyfi - That is a working pay 5 renminbi for a photograph of the celebrity yak(unautographed!)

    @ EG Wow - Day-dreaming of fame and fortune, I bet.

    @ Jan - Thanks, there were so many employed critters there that it is time they form a union!

    @ Lynette Killam - Got lovely shots of dogs everywhere I went. Too bad some were so frisky I could get a tail, or only an ear in know how it is!

    @ eileeninmd - Thanks, let's share more on the following camera critters.


  9. I keep forgetting to switch to my travel-i-tales identity from mygardenhaven ID. But we're one and the same Rosie

  10. it is a lot going on about the horse. So many things to look at. I can´t help but wonder if all of it is necessary.

  11. @ NatureFootstep - Hi, a Swedish visitor! Wow, you have 11 blogs on Nature! How do you manage them all? Maybe I should also have a blog solely on Nature's Critters?