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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valley of the Yellow Dragon "Fairyland on Earth''

Huanglong or Yellow Dragon Valley, in the Songpan County of Sichuan Province is a world Heritage Site which is so  beautiful that it is known as "Fairyland on Earth''. This valley resembles a yellow dragon winding its way out of the forest, when seen from an aerial view. 

When we were in Huanglong it was mid Autumn, but it might as well have been mid winter! From the plane, we could see the snow-capped mountains piercing through the clouds.That was a spectacular sight, and many of the passengers had their cameras out. There was excitement in the air!

The beauty of the mountains, the brilliant colours of the ponds and the splendour of the luxuriant forests are the inspiration for the songwriters in this region, we are told. Most of the songs they write are not love songs, but are tributes to the scenic beauty.

This is Flying Waterfall on Lotus Platform.

It was a winter wonderland that greeted us as we climbed higher up. Huanglong Valley is 3,000 metres above sea level, you see. The mountains are 5,000 metres!


The wooden walkways were covered with frozen ice...
Despite the snow on the ground, the sky was blue, the sun was shining.

It was all in all, a lovely place to visit. We were riding on the back of the Yellow much better could it get?

A Fairyland

from the forests dark
Yellow dragon surges forth
creates the River Min
to stop the disastrous floods
for this gracious deed
Emperor is beholden
the valley is blessed
a fairyland that dazzles  
 ponds' shimmering hues 
beckon and bewitch our minds
what sorcery is this 
that led my wanderings here 
what alchemy seeks 
to overwhelm my senses
I gazed, succumbed to its spell

(a choka form of the waka)


tales of legends, myths
from places where I travel
 I resolve to tell

the tales manifest
the secrets of ancient times
of beings mystic

smell the ambience
taste the local colour
sense the history

(haiku set)

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  1. Awesome pictures! Loved the haikus as well :)

  2. loved everything, from the pictures, the free verse poem, and the haiku set. but wait, no panda? isn't Sichuan the land of panda bears? anyway, travelling does seem to bring out the whole artistic side of an artist, which can be seen on this page. nice work!

  3. gorgeous! fairyland indeed!
    breathtaking, how can we describe such beauty?

  4. Spectacular Pics...
    Loved your Haikus

  5. Awesome photos ... enjoyed reading your poem as well ... all ties up nicely. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!!

  6. magical fairyland in your words.

    the imagery of winter is breath taking.

  7. The view of the snowy mountains is stunning! Thanks for sharing it with us:)

  8. 2012, huh? Ok, new resolution to reply to comments as often as I can. I shall still be making visits to your posts after I read your comments and reply, of course.
    @ Tina´s PicStory, Mama Zen, jeannete, Jenn and Tara Tyler - glad you enjoyed the scenery, it was just heavenly for a traveler from the tropics like me to catch both autumn and winter at the same venue and time!

    @ Taylor Boomer, becca givens,G-Man, shail - thank you for your feedback on my poems. I do so appreciate what poets and writers like you, have to say.

    @ Olive Tree - thank you so much for recognizing what travel does to me (and others, of course).Am following your journey in your blog, as well.

  9. How very lovely! In some ways it reminds me of Yellowstone Park!!! The falls and the grandeur of the mountains!! Have wonderful day!!! Cathy

  10. you have taken remarkable photographs that all sing out to the magnificence of this glorious earth! thank you for taking us along for an adventure of a lifetime.

  11. A fairyland indeed -- wow! You've taken us on a beautiful adventure to a faraway land.

  12. Definitely views that inspire songs. Amazing photography.

  13. i am Here
    tasting ""the local color ""
    and it is Yummy!

    from my florida
    i enjoy the snow you share
    as i have none!

    the brightness
    of it all

    how fun to see Winter
    in mid-august!

  14. Amazing photos of an awesome location ~ lovely poetry ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)linked w/HMH

  15. of beings that...fantastic photos

  16. thank you for my awesome friday viewing!!!!!!!!

  17. I am becoming a better and better taster of the local color--and sweet it is!

    Ten Thousand Rooftops

  18. So perfectly written...and so have a way with language♥♥♥

  19. What stunning photographs! Lovely indeed. Great haiku, too.