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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Do Some Window Shopping

 may your gifts flourish
grow wise, prosper, thrive, expand
 dreams built on bedrock

For Haiku Heights Prompt #63
and Sensational Haiku Wednesday

You are coming window shopping with me today! It is a Sunday, so you'll have time. We'll be crossing from one continent to another, so grab a jacket in case you need to keep warm.

Weekend Reflections

We'll stop by in Perth, Australia first. Look at this... what an inviting display on a cold winter's day! You know, these flowers remind me of some flowers I saw the other day. I'll show you what I mean. We need to fly over to Hong Kong though.

For Today's Flowers
Lovely flowers, don't you think?

And where else to get some pretty chopsticks but in Hong Kong, China.

Or maybe some Oriental opera masks in Hong Kong might strike your fancy?
(I just caught my reflection in the shop...can you see me there?)

I saw what I thought were masks at a window display in Arrowtown, New Zealand. Here, take a look.
My mistake, headbands, not masks for sale.

Let's stop for some coffee and non-gluten sweet bites at this cafe in Arrowtown.

Refreshed, let's travel on to Paris.

More weekend reflections in this window display below.

You'll love shopping in Capri. These two photos below are from the same shop run by a dear, friendly man.

A beautiful display.

Our next stop still in Capri is this florist's display. Like it?

Okay, moving on...let's check out the shopping scene in Spain. This is Valldemossa, a charming village where you could get the best hot chocolate in the whole of Spain. Or if you're more into clocks and swords, we could go to this shop!

Finally, we need to have lunch...take your pick: Paris, Barcelona, Queenstown, Christchurch...anywhere!

That was fun for me. Got to go home now. Tomorrow's a weekday, can't be gallivanting all over, window shopping on a weekday, can we? Shall we do this again the next weekend?

Objects of Desire

pulling at my heartstrings
compelling me to untie my purse-strings
that objet d'art I saw in the window
and that rare curio up on the shelf

to have that collector's piece for my own 
to savour the sweet thrill of possession
beauty to enjoy on my mantel piece
drawing all eyes to ogle

For Poetry Picnic at Gooseberry Garden,
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  1. This was a beautiful journey for the eyes!
    I loved how you began with that gorgeous bedroom ensemble and then to the flowers. So many terrific window displays. Your reflection in the Hong Kong store looks like a picture hanging on the wall - perfect.

  2. Loved this post, photos and words. Thank you!

  3. your pictures sure warranted such a write, my thoughts exactly.
    enjoy gooseberry day!

  4. looking at your pics, you're an incredible romantic~ laces, flowers etc etc hmmm you sure you are a malaysian? haha... and nice poem too!

  5. Fun post, I especially like the two first pic!

  6. Awesome trip! Love the poem, too! Your posts are always such fun!

    Mine, I fear, is not:

  7. Love window shopping, thanks for taking me along. Next weekend is great with me.

  8. I love your photos and the journey that you created here.

  9. What fun! A virtual shopping trip around the world at no cost! YeeHaw! Let's go again! :D :D :D

  10. window shopping could be so much fun.

    love the shots.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Brilliant post. Loved it.

    Here is my entry:

  12. That was just the best time - didn't cost a cent or contribute an ounce to my waistline and I enjoyed every minute!

  13. I got to your blog through my daughter Christine's 'The gardening blog'. I followed your shopping spree and LOVED it! Thanks for sharing! Will now move on to your Garden Haven!

    Happy gardening wishes from
    Uta in Munich / Gemany

  14. Lovely window shopping, getting excited about forthcoming trip to HK again soon, seeing the photos here. So glad you enjoyed the Bolsena tour, you sse so many different names it took me awhile to realise it was you Rosie!

  15. You made poetry out of pictures and added some extra words to go with flow...loved the headband idea and the ceramic ware was a treat for the eye.

  16. This shopping must have been exausting, but at least you captured nice reflections !

  17. welcome back to poets rally, love your entry.

    keep it up.

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