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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Walkabout in Perth

For me, the point of reference in Perth is Hay Street. This is where the hotel we were staying in is located, and this was the street we were to grow very familiar with, making it our central focus. The fact that Hay Street and the parallel Murray Street are the shopping centres of the district might also have a bearing on why it is our central focus! It is very pleasant to stroll along the tree-lined street malls. It was winter there, and the wintering trees made a great setting for the buildings in the background. There's sure to be a busker or two providing street entertainment. Having a meal in the open-air cafes is a bit of a challenge especially when the wind blows.

I love the view of the Clock Tower below.

This photograph above prompts me to write the following haiku for Haiku Heights:

tower counting time
breathe life into your dreams
leaves fall one by one



Within the Hay Street Mall, I was delighted to find myself in Ye London Court. Walk in and you're in Tudor England! The arcade here is can get souvenirs, shoes, jewellery, get your shoes repaired, consult a lawyer, bump into Her Majesty herself, as well, I reckon.

Leaving  London Court, let's just walk on and take in the city scenery .  The  architecture is an interesting blend of glass and steel, as well as heritage buildings.

Perth City is easy to navigate, as the streets in the Central Business District are arranged in a grid-like fashion. The buildings in the CBD are where all the skyscrapers are found.

Dedicated to Skywatch Friday:

We shall end our walkabout with some night lights in the city.


A waka for Poetic Forms at The Purple Treehouse:

seek joy in everyday life
discover oceans to see
go near, if not far
feel with new eyes your own town 
take an orange, fresh
 peel the rind, breathe in the zest
be thankful and celebrate
everyday life - its a gift

rosie gan August 2011

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  1. A lovely virtual tour of Perth in photos and words, thanks Rosie. London Court was a surprise!

  2. Awesome! I love old buildings the most! I can sit and look at one for hours, marveling at how difficult the building of them must have been "back then". Love this post!

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    Thank you for sharing your lovely talents ~

    Nice to meet you~

  4. perfect buildings/nature shots.

    lovely poems, the Haiku and Waka are both pure joyful to read.

  5. succinct, good pictures, keep up the zest! glad to make my way here again.. my thursday contribution..

  6. I enjoyed the tour ... thank you for sharing ... it is good to see travel through another's eyes! Great job!!

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    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

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  9. Loved your Haiku and great photos.


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  11. Very very beautiful.. simply, absolutely a delight! I am here ~

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  13. Thank you for the virtual tour. It was breathtaking. I enjoyed your poetry so much! Have a lovely day.