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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Seagull Connection

The seagull is an amateur photographer's dream bird. 


1. Seagulls fly in a flock. You can't possibly miss a shot.

2. They are not afraid of humans. You don't have to lie in wait for them, they'll find you. 

3. They have attitude. Just look at the expressions in their eyes.

4. They love to pose for amateur photographers. They don't mind perching on anything to give you a good angle.

Here is proof of the 4 reasons I listed above:

Proof #1
They are easy to capture since they flock together.

If you can't get at least one good shot from a flock like this, I say pack up your camera gear and stick to your day job, my friend. 

Siberian seagulls flocking to West Lake, in Kunming China

Even if you manage to snap only one shot like this, there's hope for that dream of yours to become a professional photographer some day.

Proof #2
You can locate them easily.

They know that where humans flock, there's food. They also know where humans flock for food. They're smart, they can read...yeah, Kailis' Fish Market is  the place to head for.


Told you they can read...see, this one's already at the right address...Kailis' at Fremantle. It says so on the sign.

Proof #3
They have the perfect attitude of a model.

This is one is saying, "Okay, I'm here for the photo shoot. What are we waiting for?"

"Hurry up already! Why are you still fiddling with your camera, Rosie!? I've had it.  I'm out of here."

Proof #4
They are photogenic.

Not all seagulls behave like that diva, though. Only 90% of them.
The rest are pretty obliging. They take directions pretty well. Tell them to perch on something, and they do it in style...this one is giving us that pensive look.

This one is giving us "I rule the world!...err roost?" look, in the classic 'Perching on a Lamp-post' pose.


Another classic pose..."Keep an eye on your fish, or it won't be on your table for long!"

Bring them on location, and they will certainly produce results. Here's a seaside location shoot. See how they pose!


My top 4 models
Call me to make a booking.

Lives in Perth, Australia. Willing to travel.

Fremantle native. Works for fish and lobsters only.

Siberian seagull, non-permanent resident of Kunming. A high-flier.

Siberian seagull. Will work for bread to buy return flight ticket home.

seagulls' migration
rhythm of wings a lullaby
aching dream of home


  1. You are so right about seagulls! They're probably the most photographed bird around. LOL! Wonderful shots you're sharing with us. Thanks for stopping by at my blogs.

  2. Seagulls have such a great attitude for photography. You have captured it beautifully.

    Gems x

  3. Great poses and wonderful photos of he gulls. I enjoyed your post.

  4. Love your story! Great captures!

  5. Great pictures. Birds always fascinate, especially seagulls.

  6. Let the seagulls pass
    Through a rainbow. and their wings
    Catch myriad colours...

    You inpired me for this Haiku.. Rosie.. Thanks fo ryour support and encouragement..

  7. This is a very good humorous post! I enjoyed the "will work for..." shots, and completely agree with your assessment of seagulls!

    Another laugh: the word verification is "dockpo!"

  8. Great post and photos. It's a shame we don't have many seagulls here 1,000 miles from the ocean!

  9. You caught the gulls in a variety of poses, all of which shed new light (or shadow!) on these fascinating birds.


    If shadows could jump,
    How high would they go?
    As high as the moon?
    Does anyone know?

    If shadows could weep,
    How long would they cry?
    As long as it takes
    To climb to the sky?

    If shadows could laugh
    And tell funny jokes
    Would you take them home
    And say, “Get this, folks!”?

    If shadows could wed,
    Would they prefer you
    Or somebody else
    To promise, “I do”?

    © 2011 Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows and Sunflowers

  10. Beautiful captures. Visiting here for shadow shot.

    You can find my entry here, have a great week ahead!

  11. lovely dedication to a bird usually ignored, you're photos really bring them to life!

  12. rosie...
    love these words..
    aching dream of home

    lovely longing and wonderful photographs

  13. Those are wonderful pictures of seagulls... And they must have been quite difficult to take with such moving subjects... It is amazing how they look still on some pictures.

  14. looks lovely, feels lovely too :) i can imagine the flap of wings sounding like a lullaby..