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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode 1: Let's start with the Diva

September 2011

Yes, Potsie is the Diva of the four characters in the play which I would have to call 'A Tale of Four Doggies'. Except that the play is not a play, but real life in my garden with four dogs.
Potsie is the one who always has her way, and the others have to give in. She is the one who will only have to give a low growl, and the others will not dare eat the snacks I give to them when she is there. They will reluctantly walk away from the food which will ultimately end in her tummy...after she has taken her time slowly enjoying her own snack. She's a master at this control she has over them.The reason why she has the leading lady attitude? Because she was the first to be cast in the play! She is the first of our four four-legged furry pets.

Potsie came to us as a puppy from the streets. She used to fend for herself, catching birds for her meals, but she was a playful, happy puppy. When we took her in, she gave us a lot of affection, and despite being well-fed, carried on with her hunting habits. The most 'charming' thing about her is that whenever she catches her prey, she tries her best to get my attention and leads me to see what she has for me. The first time she did that, I gave a scream when I was led to the victim - a garden lizard! Other unfortunate creatures have included a few squirrels (I'm so sorry for them, but I wish they had learned how to jump from tree to tree more adroitly); mynahs which prefer to parade in my garden at ground level, some mice, frogs, and even black beetles! The latter drives her crazy. I do not condone her actions but her hunting instincts rule her. And I suspect she feels that it is her duty to protect our garden from predators. And protect us she did, many times. If it were not for her, we would have faced danger from snakes which found their way into our compound a few times. Potsie is fearless and seems to know how dangerous these slithery creatures could be. We owe a lot to Potsie, and thankful that she has the Diva temperament, for that also makes her the Heroine when the occasion calls for her to be one.

Potsie is saying, "Show some respect for your  Alpha Female, Niki.  Kow-tow to me even when you are in your own territory."


The Object in the Mirror

the school of drama
taught me to be a diva
i am the object of adoration
my name is known throughout the nation
the celebrity with the most awards
i live a life of fabulosity and cash rewards
when i look in the mirror
i feel a thrill and a shiver
of utter delight 
runs up my spine, I'm filled with pride
my fans all want to be like me
but no one can be 
so perfect a performer, a shining star
i am the best! i am a diva!

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  1. Wow she would be the dream of a hunter ! lol ! I mostly get mouse corpses brought into the house !

  2. :) Potsie knows how to rule, wouldn't call her a diva :) a funny one, made me smile, thanks
    enjoy gooseberry day

  3. you are way too cool.


    lovely word play.

  4. Thanks for the comment on the blog!
    I live in Singapore and where do you live?

  5. I love these stories. I was totally engaged.


  6. Thanks for your visit Rosie. I'm an only dog and have been spoilt all my life. Ros cooks up a mixture of chicken rice and vegetables which she freezes in little containers then defrosts one for me each night. That's what I've always had, so I love it.