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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bell Tower Skies

 For Haiku Height's (Week 55) prompt on Friendship:

ring the bells, proclaim
friendships e'er shall remain
dusk's constant light beams

I had been told by a friend of mine that I should not forget to visit Perth's Bell Tower as this is a must-see icon of Perth. I decided to do some reading up to find out why the Bell Tower is an icon not only of Perth, but also of Western Australia. This is what I found out. Well, first of all, the building has a distinctive design. It is an award-winning architectural masterpiece. Secondly this building houses the Swan Bells, which were presented to the people of Western Australia by the London diocese of the Church of England to commemorate Australia's bicentenary celebrations in 1988. The bells included the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields. And thirdly, the Bell Tower is a giant musical instrument that has a bellringing chamber which is renowned for its excellence in refining the art of English bell-ringing. 

I had the pleasure of photographing the iconic Bell Tower of Perth at dusk. It was 5.30pm and the day was drawing to a close. It was lovely to walk along Riverside Road to watch the winding down activities of the day. There was only one person sitting on a bench at the end of the Main Jetty; only one solitary worker was left cleaning the Captain Cook  Swan River Cruise boat, whistling an unfamiliar tune; a group of ladies in the park were doing the last few minutes of their Pilates exercise led by a  trainer. There was a young man trying to get a full shot of the tower by placing his camera on the grass and searching for a good angle. As you can see from the photo below, I hadn't quite got the whole structure in my frame.

Here's the second half of the picture! Well, it wasn't that I couldn't get the whole picture...of course I did. These two photographs are the close-ups. The following picture of the spire points upwards to the sky...see how the colours of the clouds are beginning to change.

Don't you just love the tall palm trees that line the streets in the photographs above? There will be more of such majestic trees in my upcoming posts on Perth. I just can't have enough of them in my photographs.

As the sun was setting, the shadows on the Bell Tower were getting more stunning. See what I mean about the palm trees... they are just everywhere!

As promised...the regal structure from the base to the top, under Perth's  evening sky.

I looked around to see even more spectacular colours that painted the already picturesque Swan River panorama. 

And as I walked away, I could hear the bells ringing, telling me it was time to join the rest of my friends back at the hotel, for dinner.

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  1. I want to go there too... someday...

    ~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

  2. Love seeing travels ... thank you for sharing!

  3. i love your haiku...and the beauty of this bell tower.
    i can almost hear music.

  4. what a chance to travel and visit many places.... nice post... thanks for stopping by in my blog

  5. thanks for sharing these wonderful snapshots. and your lovely haiku. :)

  6. Lovely view of the Bell Tower.

  7. Wow, that quite a structure. All of your photos are great, thanks for the tour. Have a great rest of your trip.

  8. The bell tower is just gorgeous. I would love to hear it. Great dusk shots.

  9. Thank you for sharing a beautiful tower in a gorgeous place exactly to be in with friends!!

  10. So true, friendship never dies.
    Loved the reflections in images.

  11. Rosie Ma'am,
    Great pics you have here! Great idea to combine own pics with creative writing. I might do just that. Not for all but may be start with a few. The Bell Tower is poetry in itself.

    P/s You have your 4 dogs enjoying the postings as well? How nice! I visited a friend in London once. He would call his his dog over to us and then said 'sit' ( his dog obediently sat facing us ) followed by 'speak! (the dog gave a light bark) and off it went after getting a pat.

    To think you have 4 to share your light moments with! Some snapshots of them later, may be!



  12. @ rebecca, becca givens,MMT, kaykuala,live2cherish, dsnake1,nangka - thank you for your visit which I appreciate so much. you came for the haiku, and stayed to view the scenery,,,that's great.

    @ La Principessa Errante,Tatjana Parkacheva, Jan, Thomas, Neni and Jo - glad you liked the pictures.So happy to have you visit.