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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting Whispers

The concentric ripples glitter, 
the glint of sunlight upon the water sparkle!
The sound of splashing in the pond
the swishing of tails, the shimmering of scales
the graceful twirl...everything else pales
in comparison and transports us to another world.

What matters if  the magic of art appears
not on a painting but in the mysterious whispers
of  golden, speckled and spotted creatures
beauteous of form and splendid of spirit 
that bespeak the perfection of Nature's
gift to the blank canvas of life?

Brightening  our lives with a different splash
 - of colours and loveliness and delight
creating altogether a different glint
- of amazement in the eyes, so bright,
of children at the wonderment of what they deem
as magical, fantastical and enchanting
holding them captive in the allure 
of a kingdom totally absorbing.
Here's to Nature which begets Art 
which in turn precipitates 
an appreciation of Beauty!  

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  1. Koi are such interesting fish, becoming friendly enough that they will eat out of your hand. Thanks for sharing your poetry and images today.

    Shirley @ The Gardening Life

  2. this is superb, love your fish images,
    your words sing and paint magically.


  3. loved the pics poem was great too :)

  4. Painting whispers :) tough to do but you had me :)
    Happy potluck!!!

  5. No art created by man can compare to the beauty of nature. Beautiful poem and gorgeous imagery, love the photos!