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Friday, June 10, 2011

Night and Day

These two photographs are taken from the same window looking out on taken when the streetlights create shadows in the middle of the night, and the other taken when daylight fills the scene with clarity. My attempt at haiku below seeks to address the it better to give in to the honesty of night, when fears and worries surface, or let the day's bright lights hide all of one's problems? Contradictions, is filled with contradictions.

Night's apprehensions 
Dark and brooding , curdled mind
Day veils tortured thoughts

Barcelona dawn

Barcelona dusk

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  1. I am always grateful for the respite of the day's light but the work that needs doing in the darkness is important too. Shining our own light on both is the key, right ? Thanks for the thoughts and the haiku art.
    Happy Friday !

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful haiku and gorgeous photos! Contradictions indeed! There are times I embrace the nights, and on other days I like the clear light... only human, I guess. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. so glad you are here. haiku is so powerful as it causes us to distill our words, and with that carving down, to look more deeply within.
    sometimes the power of "seeing" transforms the weight of all the unspoken.

    love how your photographs show the transformation that occurs simply with a change of light!

  4. A "curdled mind"...too often I feel that mine is in that condition!

  5. My mind wasn't too curdled, however, to come up with an appropriate sky poem for this week, so I share it now with you:


    Red sky in morning,
    Sailors take warning!

    Who knows what might happen out on the sea?
    Waves riding high,
    Waves to the sky,
    Waves crashing and dashing all over me!

    Red sky at night,
    Sailors delight!

    Leeward or windward we sail with no fear;
    Water is calm,
    Healing like balm—
    Ahoy, fellow sailors, landfall is near!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky and Shiva

  6. Love your contrasting photos and your haiku too. Barcelona for me has much more appeal at night! But of course, there's the darkness beneath the lights, just as a contradiction! That's life isn't it?

  7. great comparisons and wonderful photos.

  8. This is a fascinating combination of images and haiku. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best, Boonie

  9. Wow, that's an incredible haiku! My nights are filled with dark dreams; walking out to greet the new day gives me a moment of respite before the tortured thoughts begin, only slightly veiled. Sometimes I think of my home as containing "poisonous gas" because when I step outside the happiness returns.