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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Blue Penguins


You don't have to travel to the Antarctic to see penguins. I visited the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand and had the opportunity to 'encounter' and photograph some Little Blue penguins.

They aren't exactly blue, but they do have a shade of blue on their dark grey coat of fine feathers.

At the New Zealand Penguin Encounter, there is a huge natural-themed environment for the penguins. They can be viewed from from two levels, the upper level, outdoors, and the lower level, indoors.

The penguins in this centre are special. They have been rescued from the wild and cared for here. They all have physical disabilities that have left them defenceless, and they would have perished if left to fend for themselves in their natural habitat. What the people are doing there for sea bird conservation is just wonderful.

You just have to watch these videos of them...they're so adorable...especially the toddlers.

The first video is taken from the outdoor view

The second is of the penguins during feeding time in the pool.

soothing words,a caring touch

 scarred hearts mend

battered wings heal

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  1. penguins, love this! Brings a smile to my heart.

  2. thank you so much for sharing this intimate view of beautiful penguins. how wonderful that there is a safe "harbor" for those in need. it is refreshing to read about the compassionate efforts of humankind toward our natural world. i love the power of healing extending out in all directions, tying us to the web of life.
    thank you for honoring such goodness in a haiku!

  3. @ tami - I'm glad...I especially love to see them swimming!

    @ rebecca - Thank you for a heartfelt response to this post.Appreciate it.

  4. I don't know why, but i have always had a thing for penguins. I was able to see some while I was in Australia, but this place sounds wonderful for rehabilitating the injured ones, then letting us humans in to watch them play!

  5. What fun to see these penguins up close and personal.

    Over twenty years ago, I did a fabulous cruise from Sydney to Auckland. We only had one day in Christchurch - not nearly enough. I would so love to return to that part of the world!

    My Camera Critter post is at:

  6. Gorgeous critter shots, love the video too!

    Please come and say hi to Wubzy, have a nice weekend!

  7. I liked everything from the penguins, which I love, to your haiku. I am knew to HH. ENtered my first tonight. Pleased to meet you. I saw penguins in Argentina with my father. Lovd your preentation.

    Henry Clemmons (My First Haiku)

  8. Adorable haiku, Rosie! :) And the photos too!

  9. I just love it when humans get it right and care for other creatures, like we were meant to all along! What a delightful post!!!

  10. Penguins are so darn cute! I love watching them swim and feed!

  11. @ VioletSky, Dawn Elliot - Thank you for your comments...fortunately there are caring people who care for 'underprivileged' critters!

    @ Becca, ladyfi, chubs, RNSANE - Glad you enjoyed watching their antics.

    @ Leo, KidDenverPoet, - Thanks and welcome! I enjoy coming up with haiku...hope to really get into serious haiku compositions, when I have the time.

  12. Awesome post and information. I love animal rescues and these little darlings are precious!!! Thank you for combining your photos, information along with a great Haiku to seal the post!!

  13. I love penguins. Nice set of pictures. Thanks for commenting me. If you have a time please follow my blog.

  14. oh how I love penguins...probably because they are so very human like

  15. Love the haiku and the, don't get me started. They are simply adorable and amazing! What a charming post!