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Monday, May 9, 2011


It is Tuesday here and on MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE, our mascot Grumpy Major has to pick the best accomplished mission for mention in his Honour Roll. Since this meme is still brand new and relatively unknown, for the first Honour Roll, Major is picking one out of two missions that were accomplished. That makes it 50% successful missions for the assignment 'As tough as a nail". Obviously, this was a mission, quite impossible!

Major's 2 Paws Up Honour Roll 

Mission # 1 : One@ Pet Creek 

Do visit Pet Creek by clicking on the link to see how that tough mission was accomplished.

This week, the mission is to capture "What brings you Joy". I would like to thank Casa Mariposa for her wonderful suggestion for this week's mission. 

Further suggestions from you for future missions are most welcome.

The usual procedure follows...

1. Get your assignment for the week and post your capture.

2. Copy the URL of that specific post and paste it in my
    inlinkz box.

3. Leave a comment and have fun visiting the others to see 
    how their missions were accomplished!


  1. Thank you Grumpy Major for picking One. I guess pretty Goldee could have influenced your decision. Did she bring you JOY? Thank you also for NOT awarding me a badge. :)

  2. Have I told you that your captions were selected and that I have 2 links to your blog since yesterday? Congrats!!! They are highlighted too.