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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cute Cat Critters

I have been featuring all kinds of critters, but seem to have left out the most sensitive of all critters...the feline in our homes. Hope they'll forgive me once they see this post.

There were many felines that I have met on my trips ...some were acquaintances, some became close friends. I'll feature three of them here.

Met this proud feline at an artist's workhop in Phuket, Thailand. I don't think she is a Siamese cat, but this is one proud Thai tabby. It took ten shots before I could capture this image of her.She was a difficult feline to photograph.


This is a friendlier character. She strolled in when I was trying to capture PT's (PROUD TABBY)
profile, and she waited patiently for her turn under the lights. A most accommodating kitty. I have posted two images of her below to show her my appreciation.

 She became a friend. When we were in Dunedin, New Zealand, in a lovely B+B, we looked out for Solstice as she was featured in the brochure. There was neither a glimpse nor shadow of her during the day. At night when I was at the computer table in the reading room, there she was, sizing me up from where she sat on the floor. Then to my surprise, she gracefully hopped on to my lap, and kept me company as well as warm until I left to go to bed. I'll never forget that bonding and that warmth from a total stranger. Just look at that graceful and gracious feline, my  friend in Dunedin.

Linking to Haiku My Heart is this haiku for Deb:

loving kindness of a heart
cherished eternally
winter solstice's warm embrace 

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  1. I have also been caught by surprises with cats. They can demand for affection from strangers like me.

    Thank you for your votes. My position has moved up to 17.

  2. It's reassuring to know that some things can be totally relied up. Cats are the same all over the world. There is something very tidy about that.

  3. Isn't it interesting how cats in warm climates seem to all be short-haired?

  4. i love that you are reflecting on the comfort of cats.

    i love too that you were chosen!

  5. The warm embrace of the winter solstice is what sustains us on those short, dark days.

  6. @ One, Annie - They are affectionate but some cats are stand-offish, I know. It takes all kinds to make a cat-world!
    @ Meri - I do see Persian cats here too, but I guess their owners have to keep them cool, somehow.
    @rebecca, MMT - Thank you for reading my haiku.It also applies to the comfort we received from people who are far away from us now...the memory keeps us warm.