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Friday, April 22, 2011

Reporting to 001...Mission Quite Impossible

Before I went to Bandung, Indonesia, I received a mission from One ( who is probably also a  blogger-friend of many of you who visit my blogs) to capture a picture of non-human animal critters there. I was thinking that it would be a cinch. I thought I would be able to photograph an album full of street dogs, or dogs being walked by their owners, or birds, especially seagulls, that I seem to see almost everywhere I travel. Incredible that I could not see any animals here. This was Mission Impossible! The critters  must all be camera-shy and hiding from me when they see my camera in my hand, ready for action. I almost failed my mission until I saw something that saved me. There they were, the only live critters that I could find. I had planned, in desperation, to present to One the stone-art orangutan that was 'swinging' in the garden until I heard the splish-splash made by the koi in the same garden. Mission acccomplished. Whew!

I am dedicating this post to One, or  to be more precise, 001 (as I have decided to call my Mission Chief by that name). However, to make up for the scarcity of critters in this post, I include the critters I have managed to capture with my trusty camera on my trip to a destination where there were photo opportunities to shoot a variety of animals... New Zealand. .

Here is a delightful deer fawning for attention, waiting for the camera to focus on her.

A celebrity llama looking a little irritated that the paparazzi is not giving him any privacy in his own enclosure.

 A lion (yes a lion in New Zealand), not giving me the time of day...but my camera caught this disdainful expression which seems to say, "Why can't you just let me have my nap in peace!?"


And you can't be in New Zealand and not get a shot of sheep in their paddock, can you? These black-faced sheep were actually hard to find...I finally saw a few in the east coast of South Island.They do not appear to be particularly bothered about being photographed...but that's because they were not aware that I was taking a photograph of them from afar, or they would have shown their back to me as they were wont to do each time I got too near. Come to think of it, that would also be iconic... the black bottom of the black-faced sheep.

born to be king
the lion's heart quietens
captivity in dignity 

Hope you enjoy my Camera Critters. You can find more at Misty Dawn's.
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  1. Mission accomplished excellently. Love your shots especially the llamas.

    Next mission on Star Cruise : A silhouette against the sunset.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. @ One - Yes, Ma'am...mission understood. I'm enjoying this game we're playing.Will think of a mission for you, next. Are you game?

  3. Why not! Do make it achievable, though. :)

  4. Sato Travel-yes thx for this post because i am very upset how to create this but i read this post i am very happy thx for amazing post.

  5. Do lions mourn for freedom? Are we all captives in some sense?

  6. Yay, you have done a great job. All the animals look very cute!

  7. What wonderful opportunities you must have, traveling the world to take pictures of earth's incredible creatures!
    Beautiful images and haiku.

  8. how fun these 'missions' you give each other!

  9. Beautiful NZ animals and the Koi shot is good too, but how funny that you don't see many other animals there. I wonder why?

  10. Love the photos, especially the fish(?), very refreshing - is this your pond?
    I am new to blogging, perhaps you might peek at mine.
    Cheers, Lilly