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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Australian Skies

From all angles, Australian skies can be dramatic. From the plane, the promise of an unusual sky could be felt as we viewed the thick cloud cover changing faces continually.

It began looking like this, as we flew over Australian airspace:

Then it changed to this, with a strange light emanating from what looked like the crater of a volcano:

The clouds then decided to break up into smaller cotton balls, drifting towards the horizon, if that white line in the distance could be accurately called a horizon, that is.

 I like this look better - puffy cotton candy, waiting to be rolled round a stick:

The cotton candy decided to merge into a thick blanket, soft and warm:

But the greatest surprise was when after the clouds dispersed... and this ball came drifting by the window!

Yes, Mr Moon went smiling past us! A first for me, let me tell you. Hmm, what else is in store...? You tell me.

On land, in the daytime, you couldn't help being cheered by the blue skies and white clouds.

And you couldn't do without your sunglasses.

Earth's vital rhythm
heat and light tempered by shade
grey clouds appease glare

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Shadow Shot!

Oh, and when it rained, the rainbow always, yes, almost always turned up to dispel the downcast feeling that rains are wont to give us easily dampened mortals. We had three appearances of rainbows within that rainy spell, and one of the appearances was a special treat, it was a double rainbow! And that had to be the day I was out without my camera!!!

Dusk was another story, with blue skies gradually turning a lighter shade of pale ( can't help using this line from the song, as that's what they actually transform into...)

At sunset, the colours of the setting sun emerge in many hues clamouring for attention.

With the sun sinking into the horizon, yes, this is a real horizon,thus ends our story of Australian skies, as has been told by these storks from father to son. No, not really. These storks are getting ready for bed as the skies darken...

Good night, and may tomorrow be again another day filled with blue skies for you. Failing that, and if it rains, may there always be a rainbow at the end of the rain, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, for you!

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