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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jiuzhaigou Paradise

I had long heard of Jiuzhaigou, and many have extolled the scenic beauty of this famous World Heritage Site in China. The best time to visit, they say, is in autumn, so we chose to go in autumn, of course. I personally had a hankering for taking photographs of autumn scenery, after seeing all the fabulous photographs of autumn in the photoblogs. I found that I couldn't have chosen a better time, or place...

The series of mountains here at Jiuzhaigou reach a height of  4,800 metres and they form a scenic backdrop for the one hundred or so lakes there. This lake reflects the mountains beautifully.

This is part of the Five Flower Lake which is remarkable not only for its beautiful turqouise-blue colour, but also for its mystery. When all the other lakes freeze in winter, this lake remains as it is, all year round! No wonder the locals there refer to this lake as the "soul of Jiuzhaigou". It has a mystical allure that adds to its physical charm.

The virgin forests here are truly impressive in autumn!

The Pearl Shoal Station is a series of shallow rapids that glisten in the sunlight like beads of pearls.

The Pearl Shoal Waterfall, also known as Pearl Beach Waterfall, is one of the more spectacular of the waterfalls found here. I find the upper reaches of this waterfall a delight to photograph. Many people forget to look out for the beauty to be discovered here and they make a beeline for the lower part of the falls to hear the thunderous sound and see the voluminous outpouring of the falls.This view is what they miss.

Pearl Beach Waterfall

Surrounded by the delicate beauty of the lakes and the magnificence of the mountains and forests, how could we not be thankful for Nature's gift to us in this paradise called Jiuzhaigou?

For Donna's Words for Wednesday:
Pattern and Texture

there's pattern in paradise 
i declare
the mighty mountains align
in a v-shape design

there are ink-blot patterns so enchanting
i see
the mirror lakes reflect
the mighty mountains that project

patchwork patterns of interest
i observe
in the foliage of green and gold repetitious
on the canopies of lush virgin forests

there's contrast in texture too
i note
when the soft water falls 
down the hard cliff walls

the soft blend with the hard 
i discover
when the soft cottony clouds that float in the sky
blanket the tough rugged peaks as they sail by

yes, there's pattern in paradise
and the wind and the water
harmonize well together
humankind just can't compete with Nature's design

For Poetry Picnic, Haiku Heights and Sensational Haiku Wednesday:

quiet meditation
in Nature's loving embrace
dreamy obsession

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Nov 20, 2011
My thanks to Poetry Picnic for this award for my submission entitled "Pattern and Texture"

award humbly acknowledged 
happy heart flaps wings 

I nominate Leo for his poem, Against All Odds

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cat City of Sarawak

The capital city of Sarawak is Kuching. The part of the city which is the most interesting to me is the waterfront, as this is what characterizes this city. The Sarawak River runs right across Kuching's doorstep, so to speak. It is quaint that you could cross over to the other side of the river by river taxi...which is manned by one boatman.

River views...

View of Kuching city... eateries

The James Brook bistro...

The old town...


Chinese temple...

Hilton Hotel...

 Kuching is a Malay word that means 'cat'. Here's a look at the cat images which I caught sight of in this city.

Some real-life ones...


Some souvenirs to take home!


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