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Saturday, April 2, 2011


You snap your finger
 and I turn away, no puppet 
but a bird of prey!

A Kea bird on the roof of our car, acting aloof.

This one is not like the others on the ground, begging for scraps. This one is arrogant, my word!

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  1. Those keas! When I was on the South Island several years ago, they just wouldn't leave my rental car alone!

  2. I think that he is quite amazing and beautiful. I have not seen one before. Thank you for the beautiful image and haiku.

  3. very nice ~becca

  4. i do do love it when haiku gives us glimpses into other terrains, new and fantastic creatures.
    thank you for being here and your lovely haiku.
    please forgive my very late arrival. haiku my heart began with beauty and turned on a dime with a severe fever keeping me in bed for days.
    i am so weak but thought i would try and at least let a few more know why they have not heard from me.
    thanks for your understanding and your beautiful haiku.

  5. I love your haiku, Rosie! They say the kea is a very wily bird, keeping you on your toes! A little strange-looking but attractive: I love your ability to zoom in on the bird while keeping the snow-capped mountains a subtle background... Nice!