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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bandung Vibes

Most ladies who visit Bandung make a beeline for the fashion houses and factory outlets of branded goods. That is the main attraction for those interested in high fashion. What is Bandung really like? I would have to say that there is a mix of  modern and  ethnic ambience that was quite interesting.

Dining in Kampung Daun  in a typical village setting would please just about anyone looking for the authentic Bandung vibe. People go there to catch the sunset and enjoy the village feel of the place. Set in lush greenery, it feels like being in the jungle, especially when the torches are lit ( and I don't mean electric torches!) You get that campfire atmosphere when you pass the strategically-placed torches burning to show you the path to your special dining hut. You sit on the floor, not on chairs, and if you are not comfortable sitting cross-legged, you could stretch your legs under the low table and risk having your feet land on the feet of the diner sitting opposite you!


Or you could dine Parisian-style in Paris Van Java...known fondly by the locals as PVJ. Here you can find international cuisine. You could dine outdoors or in the restaurants. We chose the Japanese restaurant which was decked with cherry blossoms.
You can find middle to high end items here at the mega shopping centre, it is really can shop till you drop!


We had lunch the next day at a Sundanese Restaurant which had a delightful rustic theme. The furniture, walls and windows were basically made of bamboo. Indoors, there were ferns attached to a cave-like wall with water trickling down into a pond over which was a bridge!


Shopping at the Rumah Mode is very pleasant...of course one can spend hours in the shop itself but I particularly love the landscape design outdoors which had a Balinese influence.

Those who prefer shopping in an 'everything under one roof 'concept of the multi-level shopping complex can enjoy shopping in shopping malls like Istana  Plaza in Pasir Kaliki.

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  1. Rosie, Bandung is a beautiful place to visit judging from your travel tale and lively photos.

  2. I'm not much of a shopper, but the rest of Bandung -- food, landscaping etc -- sounds wonderful.