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Friday, March 4, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Above the clouds...above the clouds!

On the flight out to China, I had a window seat, and I reminded myself to get some shots of the sky out in the blue yonder. I normally do not take any photographs from the plane mainly because the glass might distort the image. The truth of the matter was, I figured my camera might not be good enough. Photographers with digital single-lens reflex cameras might want to take out their impressive high resolution babies with mountable lenses to shoot a skywatch image, and fellow passengers would nod appreciatively. I was a bit embarrassed to take out my compact digital still camera with easy to use features, as my fellow passengers might snigger. So I furtively fished it out of my bag, and quickly stole a few shots without aiming at anything in particular. Here are the results:

I must say I am very pleased with the outcome. 

See more skies at the link below:

Skywatch Friday


  1. as well you should be!
    I feel the same way, sometimes - but really, it is the photographer, not the camera that takes the best shots, so I am trying not to feel inferior with my little point and shoot.

  2. @ J Bar - Thank you, love your single-word comment.

    @ Lesley - Looks like we'll learn to appreciate our pocket-sized cameras more now, eh?

  3. Beautiful shots that will put many DSLR to shame.
    A salute to your compact.

  4. Really cool - the last one is my favorite.

  5. @ sceneoftranquility - Thank you, and these clouds made it easy for me to shoot!

    @ MarieElizabeth - The last one is where the billows get bigger!

  6. What a winning, gorgeous sky from above. I am so impressed with your bird's eye view. Thanks for sharing

  7. @ The Write Girl - Never thought I could capture such photos...that's why they say you don't know until you try.