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Sunday, March 13, 2011


The true mark of a place is much more than the architecture, the clime or the geography but the people who live in that place. 

     These are the happy faces of people you see at work,
     or on a holiday just like you.

Visitors at Yuantong Temple, Changshan Mountain and Stone Forest, and a tea-promoter at Kunming.

      Sometimes you catch them off-guard ...
      the serious expressions of people at work.

A souvenir stall owner who does her own embroidery of souvenir items, lady buggy-drivers at the Stone Forest.

       The faces  of actors  with make-up on, acting out
       stories of their customs:

A Bai minority bride in shades at a mock wedding, and scenes from the studios of the television series, Tianlongbabu.

        The faces of children in their own happy world: 

City girls in the top row, country boys in the bottom row.

         I see the faces in the park,  and wonder what their lives 
         are like...

These ladies from the Naxi minority are deep in conversation, oblivious of the shutterbugs giving them the celebrity treatment.

All they were aware after all, that they were the centre of attraction.

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  1. These are wonderful! I love that you've captured the spirit of the place through its inhabitants.


  2. @ edenhills - Glad you liked the post. Thanks

    @ Sweepy - Next time, for you, I'll post on my 3 dogs. You'll like them.