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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Amazingly Lovely Lake

The most enchanting lake I've ever laid eyes on is this lake that I have chosen as my header for my travel-i-tales blog.

The approach road to the town of Tekapo holds the best surprise at the end...suddenly, catching you totally unaware, is the panorama of this unbelievably blue lake right in front of your eyes! You find yourself gasping in wonder at this jaw-dropping scene. Then the pure joy of being so fortunate as to share in the privilege of witnessing the natural beauty of this expanse of lake takes feel like clapping your hands, and you do, giving the scene before you the most sincere applause you have ever given any performer at a concert.

Is the blue for real, you ask? Next you debate over how the lake gets this blue. Someone says it is the depth of the lake, another swears it must be the reflection of the azure sky. The next debate is what kind of blue is this astounding this what they term ultramarine? Or is it cerulean, maybe a tinge of turquoise? Whatever the name is, it is certainly a startling, stunning blue.

This is how it actually looks. These photographs of Lake Tekapo have not been retouched or edited in any way whatsoever. The air is fresh, the glacial lake water pristine. Apparently the electrifying blue comes from the colour of the silt that flows down from the glaciers. These finely ground particles are called rock flour, and they are suspended in the water, giving it that distinctive Tekapo hue of blue.

A picture-postcard view of the lake from inside the Church of The  Good Shepherd.

I have let these images speak for themselves.  I left my heart there and one of these days, I shall have to return to reclaim my heart.

For all of you lovers of Watery Wednesday, and Outdoor Wednesday, this post is dedicated to you.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed NZ, Lake tekapo is popular with tourist. Last year, in mid winter, my friend's son got married there.